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Fluence Pharma has been formed with the philosophy of inclusive happiness for all. We are committed to incessantly research, innovate and develop medicines, products and protocols that are first of its kind in the market, absolutely safe and better than all existing solutions, yet affordable.


We aspire to be one of the most admired pharmaceutical companies in the field of aesthetic medicine and general wellness across the globe.


To continuously Research Therapies / Products / Protocols & provide safe and effective remedies for problems / diseases, where currently safe & effective solutions are non-existent , All this with a view to improve quality of Life and bring Happiness to people

Nutritional FACT of Today is at the very foundation of our Product Philosophy


There are international studies on the nutritional basis of endocrine disease as follows

In the Indian scenario several Indian Institutes have presented the rampant nutritional deficiencies in our country which justify the use of vitamins in the treatment and prevention of disease. New terms like ‘Hidden Hunger’ by Indian National Science Academy, Delhi and creation of Adult Micronutrient Quality Index by Agharkar Research Institute, Pune, highlight the seriousness of nutrition. Important references as follows

1. Indian National Science Academy (INSA) brought out a position paper on – Nutrition Security for India, 2009. Cereal-pulse based Indian diets are qualitatively deficient in micronutrients particularly iron, calcium, vitamin A, riboflavin and folic acid (hidden hunger),
2. Pathak, Department of Human Nutrition, AIMS, – Deficiencies of micronutrients, zinc, copper, magnesium, ferritin, folic acid, iodine & TSH, Indian J Pediatr. 2004
3. Multiple micronutrient deficiencies, diet meets less than 50% of requirement

Zinc deficiency is another neglected cause for hair loss. Some good studies that draw attention towards this problem and the hair loss caused are as follows

1. Ambooken Betsy, MP Binitha, and S Sarita, Zinc Deficiency Associated with Hypothyroidism: An Overlooked Cause of Severe Alopecia. Int J Trichology. 2013.
2. Zinc, copper, selenium are required for synthesis of thyroid hormones. Hair loss may not improve with thyroxin unless zinc supplements are added.
3. Acquired Zinc deficiency due to inadequate intake, increased requirement in pregnancy and lactation, malabsorption, alcoholism, HIV, renal disease. Improper proportion in diet forming insoluble complexes with calcium, fiber, and phytates.
4. Loss of apetite, depression, psoriasiform, annular or crusted plaques, dryness, brittle hair & nails. Plasma, Serum levels unreliable, therapeutic response is diagnostic

Cyclical is the only treatment which focuses on hair regrowth rather than hair loss
Medicine free
No Steroids
No Antihormones
Side effect free
Cyclical program based only on well planed nutrient needs
100% results in all indication & grades
Creating a toxin free nutrient environment for hair Re-growth.