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1 – Early age of onset of hair loss and baldness?

We are seeing hair loss and baldness starting at a much early age. Hair loss in teenagers it is due to lack of proper food selection, erratic lifestyle, lack of sleep, high consumption of salt and sugar, nutritional deficiencies and stress. Male pattern baldness starting in the 30s is an early response of the biological clock. The hair growth control genes are set for a gradual slow down and auto shut off after the age of 45 – 50 years, But today the same amount of stress, competitive life, and exposure to pollution has been completed in 30 years of living leading to early aging and early shut off of hair growth. Scientifically it is termed as apoptosis of the cells.

2 – Excess vitamins?

Hair is an unusual organ it grows when the body cells die. No other organ exhibits such prerequsits in the body. Epithelial cells gradually get filled with keratin protein to such an extent that ultimately the cell becomes dead and is oushed out to appear as a nail and hair growth. Excess vitamin A, E, Omega 3 can interfere with the depisit of keratin in the cells and prevent the cells from being converted to nail and hair. Patintd who indescriminately pop vitamin pills start getting hair loss instead of hair growth. In our program we use vitmains in low dose once in 3 days, Each vitamin is administered only 2 times a week and not all seven days a week.

3 – Role of antioxidants?

All metabolic processes in the body create toxins or free radicals. These need to be nutralized to ensure cell division and healthy hair growth. Additional free radicals enter the body through air pollution, water pollution, insecticides & pesticides in farm products, contaminated fish, preservatives and additives in processed foods and packed foods, smoking, artificial flavored drinks, frozen foods etc. Antiocidants also fight stress inducing chemicals releasesd in the body.

4 – Chicken in the food causes hair loss?

Today chicken is become the most loved food of the world. Unfortunately it is no more natural but is manufactured artificially like a pack of chips. A chicken that should grow and get ready for consumption in 1.5-2 years is artificially fattened in 4-6 months by injecting growth hormones, steroids to ensure weight gain. To prevent the chicken from falling sick, un-sick chicken are injected with antibiotics, anti-fungals. Tranquilizers and oral contraceptives are added to chicken feed. Regular consumption of chicken is not advisable for patients having hair loss.

5 – Importance of fat soluble vitamins, omega 3, omega 6 in diet?

Vitamins are of two kinds. Water soluble and fat soluble. The fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, come only from fat source. If we restrict fat or have fat free diet to remain slim. We easily get deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins leading to hair loss. Fat soluble vitamins are required for the shine, bounce and luster of the hair. In deficiencies the hair look dull dry and lifeless.

6 – The role of restricted eating?

All of us today are weight watchers. We never eat full stomach like our ancestors. It is very common to find hair loss patients saying their grandparents still have thick black hair, well they were eating better. Body has lowest priority for hair growth. Body feels we can survive without a single hair growing on the head. Only after meeting all the body requirements any leftover reaches the hair. Any event of fever, surgery, injury, travel, physical exertion, stress, disturbance of lifestyle, first thing to be shut down is hair. Body concentrates resources towards other systems and then the sleeping hair follicle may not grow back until the conditions are most favorable for hair growth.

7 – Women today have early hair loss like a male pattern, the hormones are changing?

We are seeing male pattern type of hair loss frequently in women. This is due to the change in the social role and lifestyle of women. Today women are working like a male. They take up responsibilities, have stress, have physical exertion just like a male. They are going more and more to gyms, they exercise like men, do weight training, they smoke, have exposure to pollution, dust, chemicals just like men. A women’s body always secretes small amounts male hormone, just as men secrete small amounts of female hormone. Due to demand and lifestyle the women are secreting more male hormone and no surprise show hair loss like a male pattern. We also have examples of boys with girlish body language and behavior.

8 – Hormonal hair loss cannot be treated?

Each person has a unique hormonal balance which may be a few units higher or lower than the set standards. Unless the hormones levels are extremely high or low affecting important body systems, we do not think it is rational to try and change hormones only for affecting hair loss. Weak hair becomes sensitive to effects of the hormones which slow down the hair growth and cause hair loss. We can strengthen the hair roots, provide adequate stimulation for growth, prevent the damage and achieve hair growth without the need of manipulating any hormones in the body.

53 – Hair loss treatments cause excessive growth of body hair?

Scalp hair and body hair respond in two different ways. Androgens and all other factors that cause hair loss on the scalp cause excessive growth on the body. Therefore all patients having hair loss on the head have excessive growth on the body. We achieve good hair growth on the scalp because we stimulate the hair growth with laser, Minoxidil, lotions etc. Then the stimulated cells are supported with vitamins. We do not use any such stimulation for the body hair, thus scalp treatments do not grow body hair.

9 – Grey hair can be treated with medicines?

The hair follicle has two kinds of cell systems. One for creating new hair and second for supplying pigment to the growing hair follicle. Greying results when the pigment cells have died or stopped functioning due to UV exposure, pollution, accumulation of free radicals, stress, nutritional deficiencies and these cannot be regained with any known medicine to date. Many imperical treatments are tried. One is as ineffective as the other.

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